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Google has fined 2.42 billion EUR by EU for breaching antitrust rules

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The EU Competition Commission has fined Alphabet (a Google parent company) with a record of 2.42 billion EUR anti-trust fine, considering that the company is abusing its dominance in online search, by turning Internet users to its own purchasing service, Google Shopping.

Considering that this tactic creates an unfair environment against Google's competing services, the competent European authorities call on the company to comply within 90 days or otherwise be faced with new sanctions.

"What Google did was illegal on the basis of EU monopoly regulations," said Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, adding that this practice deprives other companies of the possibility of competition & innovation".

This Commission decision comes after a long-term investigation, launched on the basis of complaints by competing companies of the technology giant.

This fine is the highest to date imposed on a company accused of manipulating the market.

The American company expressed "disagreement" about the fine & "considering an appeal".

"We respectfully express our disagreement over the decision announced today. We will examine the Commission's decision in detail & examine the possibility to appeal it", said the company in a statement.

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