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Most website hacks begin with the exploitation of weaknesses in its own code. The weaknesses is hidden among the millions of code lines that make up every website & yes, even yours!

When a security flaw is known publicly, all vulnerable websites can be hit in a very short space of time. No one can guarantee that your site is completely safe. Without active defensive layers, your site will sooner or later end up being the victim of a security flaw in its own code. From themes & plugins to TLS Certificates & Apache, it is not enough to react only on alarm & searching for patching updates. There are also unpublished errors & weaknesses that can allow the wrong people to share malware & spam through your website, damaging both your visitors & your reputation.

Follows are the 3 most common core software vulnerabilities that every CMS Driven website has like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. & must be blocked at the outset before bearing results.

Zero-Day Attacks - Outdated CMS, Plugins & Themes - Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVE)


With the most advanced security WAF Firewall that we offer, which uses special heuristic technology that harden your website's security.

Your website is going to be safe on real time against all SQL, XSS, LFI filters, RCE vulnerabilities & Malware.

Cleaning a hacked web site is quite difficult & time consuming & costs quite large. You have to act before it's too late.

Contact us for more details regarding your website security hardening.


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