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Websun Ltd, hereinafter referred to as "Company", is a web design, consulting & digital marketing agency located in Ul. Kapitan Nikola Parapanov 3, 2850 Petrich, Bulgaria. Through its website “https://websun.gr”, visitors/customers have the opportunity to be informed about the services provided by the Company.

The visitor/customer of the website expressly understand & accept that in order to navigate this site, must first read the terms of use & services of this site. By navigating to the Company’s website, it is assumed that fully accepts the information contained herein. If, in any way disagree with these terms of use & services or any part of them, must immediately stop using the Company’s website.

All services that are already listed on the Company’s website & any new services added in future, expressly governed by these terms, which the Company must keep up to date for all of its services. The use of all Company’s services by visitors/customers & navigation on the Company's website, implies full & unconditional acceptance of these terms of use & services.

Limitation of Liability - Compensation

The Company makes every effort to provide full & substantiated information to the visitor through its website “https://websun.gr”, while reviewing the validity & clarity of the information contained therein. However, due to the nature of the Internet, it cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of such advisory or informative information that is available.

As a consequence of this, it has no responsibility to compensate or remedy any negative direct or indirect impact that a visitor will have on his/her computer or electronic equipment. The contents & information of the entire site are provided "as is" without any warranty in any way whatsoever. Users explicitly accept that they visit the Company's website solely on their own initiative & responsibility.

The Company has no responsibility or liability for any loss, direct or indirect damage arising from the failure to obtain or restore the customer's files.

The client expressly understands and accepts this statement and continues to use the Company's services that it will not make any claims beyond the Company's intended actions (recovering data from backups (if they are available), technical support and every possible effort by the Company to immediately remedy any malfunctions that may occur for any reason).

Hyperlinks to Other Websites

There may be hyperlinks to other websites on the Company's website to further inform the visitor. The Company does not in any way control its availability, content, terms of use, privacy policy, quality & completeness of its services, to which it refers via active, or not hyperlinks or advertising banners.

Therefore, for any problem encountered when visiting or using services of other websites, the visitor explicitly accepts that he/she should address any complaint or indemnity to these websites, who bear full responsibility for the services they provide.

Also, it should be considered that the Company does not endorse or accept the content or services of other websites, to which it refers its visitors and/or that they are linked to the Company in any other way. In any case, the Company assumes no liability for any damage or moral damage, as a result of the use of any external connection.

Start or Interruption on Operation Services

The Company expressly reserves the right to modify and/ or discontinue temporarily or permanently parts or all of its services, with or without notice to visitors/ customers.

The Company regularly updating specific installed applications on its servers in order to maintain the highest level of security & to provide the latest versions of cPanel (Control Panel), PHP, MySQL, etc. It is explicitly stated that it is the exclusive responsibility of each customer to update the code (PHP, MySQL Queries, ASP, etc., of all the websites that the client maintains on the Company’s servers), so that they are compatible with the server software. The Company is not responsible for any loss, damage or moral damage that may result from these updates as well as the customer's inability or reluctance to update its web pages with updated versions of the various applications and programming languages installed on Company’s servers.

Price Policy

The price of services listed on the Company’s website does not include the applicable Bulgarian VAT 20%. Customers will be charged the applicable Bulgarian VAT for the services they choose, unless otherwise stated on specific pages of the site or their company is registered with the VAT Number Validation (VIES) system.

The Company retains the integral right to change prices, with or without notice to its visitors/customers. However, in the context of proper information to its visitors/customers, will make every effort to provide them timely information.

Money Return Guarantee

The possibility of money refund only applies to web hosting service. For any of the other services of the Company's, including but not limited to new website construction, domain name registration, web marketing, etc., the money refund is not applicable. The money refund is valid only because of poor delivery on the agreed services & the grace period is 40-days. The deposit payment, for the provision of any service, is not refunded.

Website Construction or Other Services Offered

The Company, while providing various offers of services on its website, may change the prices & type of offers at its discretion & without any prior notice.
All offers are valid for the listed services during the appearance on the Company’s website. In any case, a valid offer is the one currently appearing on the Company's website & removing similar past offers.

Obligations & Liability of Visitors

The visitor is obliged to use the Company's website for the sole purpose of informing him or herself about the services offered by the Company & always to comply fully with the rules of proper use resulting from the Bulgarian, European & international legislation on telecommunications & the use of web pages.

The malicious use of the Company's website, or any attempt to destroy it, the theft of intellectual property & the total or partial interruption of the website with unfair methods, it is sole responsibility of the user who will take such actions & is prosecuted.

Company Liability

The Company has the right to access its clients records, data and websites, upon request of the customer, for technical support or if required by law, by court order or requested by any other regulatory authority.

The Company does not control the content of the information that is passed through its servers network and does not guarantee the reliability of any information displayed on the Internet through or because of its services. In addition, it does not guarantee the commercial or personal solvency of any information presented on the Internet or the fulfillment of any specific promises/offers by third parties and is not responsible for any damages that may occur to the customer or to those who deal with him, including the loss of data due to delays, non-delivery of goods or interruption of services for any reason, error or omission. Use of any information provided through the Internet is the responsibility of the client and the Company has no responsibility for the accuracy or quality of such information.

The Company receives backups of its clients hosting packages (files and databases) on a monthly basis, with fully automated procedures. Backups of clients files and databases are kept encrypted on a separate server from each client hosting package. The Company offers one (1) free file recovery per month from its own backups.

The Company also provides weekly or daily backups per account upon charge.

The Company is not responsible if the backup is out of date or cannot be used. If the client request the recovery of files (upon charge), the Company must restore, through the restore process from backup, the clients files. The Customer expressly acknowledges that the above procedure may alter the content of its website or restore it to a previous version.

Unauthorized Use of the Company’s Servers

The customer expressly accepts that he will not use the Company's Servers for :
1. Sending, posting, emailing or otherwise transmit any illegal content that is harmful, threatening, abusive, annoying, slanderous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, violates the third party privacy or may indicate racial, ethnic or other discrimination.
2. To cause harm to children, under the age of 18, in any way.
3. Sending, posting, emailing or otherwise transmit any content for which there is no right for legal transmission in accordance with the law or contractual & management relations (such as private information’s, proprietary & confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of an employment relationship or covered by confidentially agreements).
4. Sending, posting, emailing or otherwise transmit any content that infringes any patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other proprietary third party rights.
5. Sending, posting, emailing or otherwise transmit any content containing trojans, viruses, worms or any other computer software code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or malfunction any computer software or hardware.
6. Intentional or unintentional violation of applicable laws or regulations.
7. Third parties harassment in any way that harms them.
8. Illegal collection or storage of personal data about other users.
9. Child Pornography - Hosting, distributing, or linking to any material that exploits children.
10. Also the following usage is strictly forbidden : Bitcoin Miners, Broadcast or Streaming of Live Sporting Events, Child Pornography in any way, DoS Source, DoS Target, File Scripts, Forgery in any way, Mass Storage, CPU/Memory/Resource Abuse, HYIP, Identity Theft, Investment Sites, IRC, PayDay Loan Sites, Peer-to-peer file sharing, Phishing, Proxy Site, Push button mail scripts, Exceeding 500 outgoing email messages per 60 minute period (all excess messages will be discarded and not delivered), Spam Email, Spam List, Spam Site, Spam Ware, Spam Web, Spamhaus, Terrorist Site, Toolz, Topsites & URL shorteners.
11. Any other material Company judges to be threatening or obscene.
     In addition, hosting accounts may not be resold unless the account is a reseller account, VPS, Cloud or dedicated server. You may not resell individual services within any single account such as web space, emails accounts, add-on domains, or mailing lists. All domains, add-on domains, and sub domains must be for sites controlled by or promoting published content or businesses that are solely controlled by the owner of the account as described above.

The Company expressly reserves the right to reject or delete any material transferred to the server that it has given to the customer, if this material breach any copyright, copyright (C), copy, pornographic, racist or pirate content (HACKING, PIRATE SOFTWARE, WAREZ SITES, SERIAL NUMBERS, TRACKERS), concerns drug trafficking, attempted illegal entry on a computer or conflicts with any other law. In such cases, the Company reserves the right, without prior notice, to immediately deactivate the account & prohibit access on its Servers via the internet, without any liability for any damage that may be caused to the Customer or to third parties. The customer then informed to remove the illegal material immediately. In the event that the customer does not directly comply, the company has the integral right to delete the account completely, without any obligation to refund money, subject to all its legitimate rights.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content (except logos referenced as our customers & can be found on our Clients page, which are registered trademarks of their respective owners) hosted on the Company's website, which includes images, graphics, logos, texts, services & information, is the intellectual property of the Company & is protected by the Bulgarian legislation & the relevant EU directives, of violating or theft of intellectual work.
It is strictly forbidden to copy, republish, modify or process them for any commercial or non-commercial purpose without written consent.

Acceptance of Terms of Use & Services - Applicable Law

The above terms of use & services are governed by the provisions of Bulgarian law, as well as the international instructions & regulations of European law. The visitor/customer agrees that any dispute arising out of this agreement will be governed by the laws of the Bulgarian State & the competent Courts for the resolution of these will be the Courts of Sofia. The Company retains the indispensable right to amend these terms of use & services without prior notice & prompts you to be notified of the updated Terms of Use & Services from the following link : https://websun.gr/terms-of-use-and-services.

We love creating websites & unique digital experiences.

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2850 Petrich, Bulgaria.

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